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Editor's Review

Have you ever been ill-treated by your teacher when you were still a student? The character in this game called Scary Teacher has come across this kind of situation. In the game, the girl and her classmates have long been suffering from the torture conducted by their teacher, including punishment on the body and heart. However, this time, the girl’s teacher moved to a new house which is next to the home of the girl. Therefore, the two become neighbors. Remembering all the sufferings she and her classmates have gone through due to the conduct of this teacher, the girl makes her determination to take revenge on this evil teacher and teach this teacher some lessons. To do so, the girl decides to scare her in all kinds of ways. Players play the role of the girl character in the game and make a series of orders in order to scare this obnoxious teacher. You can either make a variety of actions to scare her or ask your pets to attack her. Throughout the process of conducting the mischief, you need to make sure that you would not be found out by her and get caught on the spot. What’s more, the teacher named Miss T also has a lot of hidden secrets in her house. There are altogether 15 rooms in her house and each of them is haunted by mysteries. In addition, the scary teacher’s house also contains a basement with something shocking hidden inside. While revenging her, you also need to repair a variety of items like photos of victims, pets, etc. Get ready to enter the mysterious world of the scary teacher and make the most excellent revenge!

Game Review

The game Scary Teacher is a highly interactive game that features an open world and a house that could allow players to explore every corner of the game. There are altogether 15 rooms for players to explore, which is a lot. The mysteries hidden in the rooms are also quite intriguing for players to solve, making it hard for them to get bored. Even though the game is labeled as a horror game, it is still kid-friendly and the graphics are fun to look at. The game is not only about solving the mystery but also about scaring the teacher, so the game features two different missions, both of which are quite fun to play. Yet, it is not the whole story. The game still has some insufficiency to fix. For example, some players complain that the ball control of the game is difficult for them to use and makes it hard for them to take action in the game. They suggest the game developer make the whole screen available for players to make orders and navigate their characters so the efficiency will get improved. Overall, Scary Teacher is a rather entertaining and challenging game and it is recommended to both students and adults who have already graduated from school. Still, for those who are easy to get scared, you might need to think it twice before downloading the game though it is claimed that the game suits all ages. Hope you enjoy the game. 

The game contains a rather interesting story background and the plot development is rather intriguing
Some players suggest that it is better to touch the whole screen to navigate the character rather than simply use the controls of the ball. 


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