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Editor's Review

Five Nights At Freddy’s is a mobile game that was remastered from the PC game in the same title. This remastered version is designated for mainstream mobile device platforms including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It was released by Clickteam USA LLC. in 2014, a few months after its PC debut. This game is for single players and offline mode is available. The style and genre of the game can be rather mixed with multiple attractive features. It masterfully integrates actions, horrors, fantasy, and surviving strategies with a unique artistic style. The visual impression of this game is perhaps cartoonish and fantasy-like, however, the very core of the game vibe lies in horror and spookiness. The background setting of the game is a mellow and fun pizza place where parents and children have a lot of fun and wonders during the days. However, it shows a completely different vibe during the night and this is when the real gameplay occurs. Players in this game are hired by the pizzeria as “security guards” whose main responsibility is to make sure the shop is safe and the characters are staying around where they should be. Players use a monitor screen to conduct their main gameplay. When they notice a potential invasion or dangerous situation for the characters, players must act accordingly to protect themselves as well as the characters in Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The game mechanism is based on the consumption of “energy” — electricity power, which is limited in this game and is consumed fairly fast during the night. Besides, the game progress can be made through successful survival through five consecutive nights. From the sixth night onwards, players can unlock new nights, and from the seventh night, they can customize their preferred hard levels of each night session. The characters in this game are mainly two types: the two characters in the pizza place; and the four robotic and ghostly characters that appear at night(Freddy Bear, Bonnie, Chica, and Foxy). This game creates a unique game atmosphere where unexpected horrors especially creep into your nerves, without being graphically violent and scary. Plus, this game can also be available for children over 13 years ago, and it is also suggested to be played by families.

Game Review

This game is receiving a rather positive market review in general, with 4.4 out 5 star rating on Google Play and 4.6/5 on AppStore. Five Nights At Freddy’s is specifically featured by its fascinating game design and craftsmanship in detail. Players are very likely to be attracted by its cartoonish and fantasy-like visual effects at first. Then when the game starts, players can feel the nerve-wracking ambiance without being exposed to graphic gores and bloodiness. This is the genius part of the game-making which cleverly uses the stillness and silence to create such a uniquely engaging zone for players to enter. The terror in this game is subtle and permeating. Beyond this, the game mechanism is also quite engaging as it requires different mindfulness from players who must observe and preserve their energy strategy to ensure their survival. The night-based gaming rhythm makes sure that the hard level grows up gradually and players are given customization options afterward. One thing players should be concerned about is the potential trauma children might get from playing this horror game. Therefore, it is highly recommended that children (above 13) play this game under the proper supervision of their parents. 

Distinct artistic styles and very engaging gameplay with gradual leveling up of difficulty.
Technically challenging for gaming mobile devices. Constant glitches and hang-ups.


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the game is really fun i love it it can also be very confusing ps. don't play at night.


best game EVER


watch out for foxy if you dont see him on the cams your best option is to get off the game because doors cant stop him from getting to you


I love it so much! I hope that another version will come out. I love how scary it is. If you get scared of jump scares, DO NOT PLAY!!!!