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Editor's Review

This game is a very classic mobile game, which is a very open game. In the game, the first thing players have to do is to survive, and then to realize their own value. The game character of this game is Steve, who was born with nothing and faced a world with infinite possibilities, on the one hand he is very powerful and capable because he can make a lot of things and gain a lot of abilities through battle, but he is also vulnerable because he has to meet the basics of life so that he can survive, In the process, he will also be attacked by monsters, so he is likely to be attacked. In the beginning, in order to survive, Steve had to cut down trees to build houses, grow farms and raise livestock to meet his needs for food. When he becomes strong, he can build his own bigger world and make his own home very beautiful.

Game review

First of all, this game has no end, and it has always been open, players can create a lot of possibilities in this game, and different players create different things. For example, if you are interested in buildings, players can create in this world, and creating complex and delicate buildings, or add simple red-stone automatic systems to buildings to make their buildings safer and more gorgeous. This experience actually provides people with a great sense of achievement and creativity, because the design of this game is constantly being developed, which means that players can choose according to their preferences. Players’ choice is very broad and active. Some activities and content in this game are actually very close to real life, which is more in line with common sense and truth of life. For example, players can use some buttons to change the layout of the port, and also get some feedback bonuses through options such as fishing and trade, etc. Players can also add more characters and elements of the game, making the content of the game richer and more interesting. The setting of this game closely combines people's life experiences and interests with the content of the game, thereby stimulating people's motivation to create the world, and allowing players to continue to explore and discover in their own areas of interest. People can use their imagination in the game to enhance their sense of achievement and creativity.


Secondly, I have to say that this game can support many players to continue playing, because the feedback mechanism of this game is very reasonable and harmonious. In fact, in the process of the game, whether the player wants to create this world or destroy it, everything you do will get timely feedback. For example, players can climb trees and dig sand and stones, which can be used to make some bench tables, sand can be used to make glass, and players can even find minerals when digging stones. So in this game, the player's gaming experience will always be the same, and the changes will be very rich. At the beginning of playing this game, players may not feel tired after digging for a long time, because different activities will bring different feelings to players. Therefore, this game mechanism makes players very motivated to keep exploring, and of course it is also one of the important sources of game players' enjoyment of the game. Not only that, players can also play with other players in this game, even if you are just a simple player, you will not feel alone, because there are countless authors developing various games in the game. When you are bored, you can build a house with your friends, fight monsters to upgrade in the game, you can also attack some of your friends' houses to get some rewards.


However, this game does not have a built-in novice tutorial or tutorial mode, and some formal novice tutorials are difficult to find for some people. Moreover, the game modes are relatively traditional. Although the content of the players is different under different modes, its game mechanics are very similar, and players can choose the survival mode. The difficulty of this mode is comparable to that of the survival mode. The main problem faced by players is the problem of food and clothing. Players can collect apples or watermelons, potatoes, carrots, etc., and they can also obtain chicken, pork, cattle, beef and mutton by slashing animals. The ideas of different modes are very consistent. The main thing is to build shelters, develop agriculture or animal husbandry, and then when attacked by monsters, defeat monsters, acquire weapons and gain growth. So this game is still relatively traditional and lacks very high creativity. Players will feel tired after playing for a long time.


Generally speaking, this game is a very mature mobile game, it has a lot of users, and a very high reputation in the world. Players can keep playing.

This game is a good social platform, players can communicate in the game. Its feedback mechanism is very timely and reasonable
This game lacks a novice tutorial or tutorial mode, which makes it difficult for many players.


i love this games

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Thus game rocks. i have been playing since 2013


Best game ever!!!!!!!!!

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Minecraft is REALLY GOOD. So much to do and to see, and they banned NFTs, so massive W to Microsoft. Creativity is endless and I’m building my epic city right now. I started it a month ago.