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Editor's Review

Offered by Nintendo Co. Ltd, Super Mario Run is now available for mobile device players on the go. This game app can be acquired through App Store or Google Play for a one-time purchase of 10 US dollars, with no further in-app purchase. This reminiscent Nintendo classic has now recaptured the fans anywhere and anytime without the limitations of gaming devices. The mobile version also integrates four playing modes in this app and before making a purchase decision, players can try a few courses of each playing mode for free to get an impression for the gameplay and the new game control on smaller screens. The general goal of this game still remains similar to its original version for most players. During the game courses, players control the character Mario to run, dodge obstacles and collect rewards (gather coins). Besides, each playing mode also incorporates its own themed goal. For example, in World Tour, players need to eventually come to the rescue of Peach princess. In kingdom Builder, players need to expand the buildings and decorations of their own unique kingdom. Those four playing modes address different game features. In World Tour, players experience a classic Mario gameplay with intuitive motion control to create their own stylish jumps and run for more colorful coins. This mode is also featured in various landscapes in different parts of the world. Playing through all 24 courses in this mode is also a world sightseeing journey full of beauty and surprises. After that, players can unlock 9 extra courses as a special treat. Then on the Premix 10 mode, players can try fast-paced Mario running sessions in 10 blitz courses. This mode also has its own theme — “find Daisy”. What’s more, ambitious players can also opt for the challenge-intensive mode Toad Rally where they can compete against others and their friends in 7 courses to win the highest scores. While on Kingdom Builder mode, players can build their own kingdoms with their own styles with the help of toads. This mode is not focused on running and racing, it’s instead about building and decoration with large selection of items. These playing modes seem independent from one another, they are also interrelated. Things they gain from one mode can be very useful on other modes. 

Game Review

Overall, this mobile version is a successful endeavor to make the dream of playing the classic Nintendo game on mobile devices come true. First, the contents of this game are largely faithful to its original version with iconic game characters and elements. Second, the game control is super simple with touch-screen based motion changes. This allows players to maneuver through Mario game with just one hand. Another important factor for the success of this mobile game app lies in its free trial offer. Upon installing the game on their devices, players can immediately have open access to all four playing modes with limited unlocked courses. This allows them to try and have an impression on all playing modes available before they commit to the full game purchase. The four well-balanced modes cater to different gaming moods: the classic standard Mario run experience or small bit-sized blitz run as well as the challenging mode with interactive competitions. Plus, there’s the building mode for players to wind down and enjoy the pleasure of those lovely characters with stressless decorative tasks. Despite of some technical glitches that should be fixed with new updates, this game is definitely worth owning and it delivers a good gaming experience that deserves the label of Editor’s Pick on the platforms.

Super classic gameplay and nostalgic themes on brand new mobile version. Easy, smooth and intuitive game control for players on the go.
Updates related to technical bugs such as crashes and auto shut-downs. Sync and progress saving failures.

Cooper morone

It is so cool!

Addison Taylor ray

I love it the bet game ever



Harry potter and Mario lover

How do you play? I carn't find how to play the game

abby tilston

i love this game it is very fun to play.9