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Editor's Review

Roblox is a very interactive online gaming platform offered by Roblox Corporation. It was first created and released for PCs back in 2005. This mobile version was offered on iOS and Android platforms in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Users can download this app and open an account completely free of charge. Once they log in to their personal Roblox account, they can join  the Builder Club by monthly subscription. This function provides a number of useful things for players and among them, the most practical one is the in-game currency “Robox” granted by Builder Club. Robox can be spent on game purchases and other customizable items. This online game playing and creation platform was initially designed for children, while many parents and adults also find it interesting and fun. Ever since its first release, Roblox has accumulated a huge number of user base, from various platforms including PCs, mobile app and Xbox etc. Crossplay is easy thanks to the high level of interactive feature of Roblox. Since this platform hosts many children users, it strictly follows content censorship and language filtering. Any inappropriate chatting or contents on the platform would be filtered and punished so that it offers a safe environment for children. The most important feature of Roblox lies in its openness. In other words, Roblox allows users to create and post new ideas and games of their own easily on the platform so other players can try and share. To achieve this goal, it adopts a commonly used programming language called “Lua” which allows users to code their games freely with less restrictions. This function is also very educational, especially for kids and younger users who can have a user-friendly exposure to many practical technology skills such as programming, level designs, algebra and even economics. It maximizes the creativity and initiative potentials of users. Besides, Robox is also attaching great importance to its interactive feature. With a large active user base, it makes online communication very simple and intuitive. Players can share and connect with each other effortlessly on the platforms using the chat or private message/group functions. Furthermore, it not only makes game creation and exchanges simple and effective, it also provides possibilities for users to cash out their creative products. That is to say, when certain games get very popular and earn a large sum of in-game currency, they can be cashed out by real life money. Although profit-making is not the primary goal of this platform, it does reward talented creators with monetary gains.

Game Review

Roblox is very open and limitless for users to release their creative potentials in game design, creation and sharing. Oftentimes, Roblox is compared with other sandbox gaming platforms such as Minecraft. However, this game platform has its own unique features. The most prominent one is the flexibility and freedom it offers to users. Unlike Minecraft, Roblox is much more open and limitless in terms of coding rules, which makes game creation much easier and faster for users. In turn, game sharing and feedbacks can be more efficient on Roblox. What’s more, the potential for a real financial gain from the popular games is possible on this platform. Furthermore, despite of its openness, the safeguarding standards Roblox holds up to, helps both children and adults enjoy online game creation safely. The only downside is the programming flaws of this mobile version. A more stable and reliable mobile system should be provided by its developer.

It is highly interactive and the gaming community has a positive atmosphere. Game creation and sharing is simple without many technical limits.
Compared to other platforms, this mobile version has unstable programming which causes various bugs.



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i lovee roblox



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pls do not DELETE THE GAME my and my sisder love roblox


roblox is so fun and interactive!!!