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Some tips and tricks for pranking teachers

All kinds of pranks are happening in Scary Teacher 3D, and you will play as a talented girl in this mobile game, and then fight against the scary Teacher in various ways. It’s time for you to prank this horrible teacher Miss T. Therefore, this short guide will give you some tips and tricks for pranking teachers, and see how soon you can beat this this scary teacher.


Frist of all, one of the easiest ways to do this is to try and hide a mousetrap on the teacher's coffee table. This prank isn't too hard to do, just follow the instructions. You can use the debris as cover and place the mousetrap in a suitable location.


Next, tampering with the teacher’s breakfast means that you can spoil her breakfast by some means. After entering the teacher’s kitchen, you can spoil her breakfast cereal with various condiments. In order to avoid errors in this process, try to choose an unrecognizable white bottle like a salt shaker when choosing spices.


Another way to prank the teacher is to keep her from watching her favorite TV show, and destroy her TV with a crowbar or a hammer. Whatever you choose, smash the TV and get out of the scene quickly before the teacher finds you.


Finally, ruin her blue dress for the party. At this time, you need to use some tools to destroy her blue dress. The easiest way is to cut her blue dress into pieces with scissors. To sneak into her room, you can use the ladder outside the house, and once inside, you need to quickly find the dress in the closet and destroy it.


In short, there are plenty of ways to prank your teacher, but the tips mentioned above can help you get used to the game quickly and enjoy it more.


Avoiding Traps in Scary Teacher 3D

Scary Teacher 3D is mobile game developed my Z & K Games where players need to constantly stealth and revenge against the character—a harsh and rigid teacher Miss T. Players need to first secretively sneak into her house and set up many tricks and pranks to screw up her day. At the same time, players also need to avoid being seen and caught where performing those tasks. There can be traps and tricks from Miss T’s part as well, awaiting for the players. This guide provide a few tips on how to avoid those traps in several locations in the game. It should be noted that although this game contains ten different locations, players can only immediately unlock the starting scene in Miss T’s house. They need to purchase more game contents in the app although watching adds allows players to access to the previous three locations for free. The tips given are for those free scenes but should also be helpful for further locations.


The first trap players need to be careful is in the basement where there is a crowbar on top of the box. Players should be very careful when they are navigating and approaching to this area. This is because at the entrance, a bear trap or more might be set up there; plus, the staircase nearby is a frequently used passage for Miss T to enter the basement. However, the area on the left of the house where there is a shed, is a totally safe section since Miss T barely visits this area.


Besides, when players trying to enter a room of Miss T’s, it is easy to be spotted if they take the route Miss T takes. To avoid that, players can take advantage of the windows. For example, to enter the living room where the TV is, players can jump in through the window; to get into Miss T’s bedroom, players can avoid using the stairs. Instead, players can use the ladder outside the house, which leads to a gym in the corner opposite her bedroom. Upon completing the task, players can once again leave the room by jumping out the window. 


Punish the Scary Teacher!

Scary Teacher 3D is a prank game in which players need to do all kinds of pranks on their teacher Miss T, who is a very harsh teacher and who has mistreated students. Playing as the major character, players will take revenge on this teacher while avoiding being caught on the spot when they are preparing for the prank. Here, we would like to show you some advice that you might like to take advantage of when you are playing the game. To begin with, you have altogether 10 places to choose from in terms of where to start your prank. Some of the places are originally accessible to players while some are locked. To unlock the rest of the places, you need to spend enough time watching ads. However, apart from the locations for free and locked locations, the other six places can only be available by doing in-game purchases by players. The second tip we would like to suggest to you is that you should always be clear about what tools to use and where lie the traps. You should know that the maximum number of items you can carry at one time is four. So you should keep in mind that you are always aware of what items are in your inventory. The items you can put in your inventory are mainly two types. One is for doing pranks and another is for opening doors. Thirdly, if you are stuck in the game, you can ask for hints by exchanging stars. What’s more, the coins you are rewarded with after successfully doing pranks are for in-game purchases. In the game, you can make altogether 14 pranks to the teacher. So you can try whatever you want. We wish you great success in the game.


A practical walkthrough to punishing the evil teacher more smoothly

Ever wondered how to punish a teacher who tortured you or treated you badly? Scary Teacher 3D will provide you with the perfect opportunity to vent your anger. As an action-adventure survival horror game, Scary Teacher 3D elaborately designed a variety of fascinating pranks waiting for players to put into practice in order to punish the evil teacher for his misbehavior.  So how exactly do you complete this series of carefully tailored punishments for Miss T without her finding out you have infiltrated her home? The following guide you will read will give you some inspiration if you are stuck on difficult levels late in the game.

How do you unwittingly put a spider in Miss T’s book without getting hurt yourself? You may be stuck in this level for a long time because you can’t find the location of the assigned spider and Miss T’s favorite book. The truth is that, you can easily find it in the torture room where Miss T frequently goes to. However, please do note that you must remember to go to the workshop to get gloves to avoid being bitten by spiders before going there to avoid experiencing unnecessary failure at this level. And Miss T’s favorite books can be easily found in the study on the first floor of her home.

In addition, I believe the shampoo prank for many players is also a level that is too tricky to pass. In fact, the player just has to open up their mind and pour any other kind of shampoo-like gel liquid like hair removal cream or glue into the bottle to achieve the purpose of pranking Miss T.

In short, hopefully the tips and instructions shared above will help every player have a smoother and more fluid gaming experience.

Scary Teacher 3D
Scary Teacher is a highly interactive game.
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