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Be Smart and Safeguard Yourself!

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a horror game in which players will play the role of a security guard who needs to safeguard the building with the monitors in the office in the mid of the night. Because you are limited in electricity, you have to be careful when making the decision of when to turn on the lights and when to turn them off the lights. If you run out of power at night, the security doors will not work and there will be no more lights. This will put you in a dangerous situation. Therefore, mastering the game requires skills and wisdom and we would like to suggest you the following tips. First of all, it is better to keep the doors open instead of closing the door because it is a huge waste of power. Only closing the door when you hear someone approaching so as to save the power is a good idea. Secondly, just like the treatment to the door, only use lights when necessary like the situation of being under attack. The light is best used when searching for enemies. Ultimately, though you have multiple monitors to utilize, it is hard for you to find the moving characters since it is pitch-dark. To help you find the characters easier, it is a piece of advice offered to you that you should pay attention to the glowing eyes in the dark. Therefore, winning the game requires wisdom and courage. You should be wise enough to make your own strategies but we still hope that our advice could be useful for you. Wish you have a good time enjoying the game and we can not wait for hearing from you the good news. If you encounter any problems, just come to us.

Five Nights At Freddy's
It was released by Clickteam USA LLC. in 2014.
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i like this game it made me bisexual


the game is really fun i love it it can also be very confusing ps. don't play at night.


best game EVER


watch out for foxy if you dont see him on the cams your best option is to get off the game because doors cant stop him from getting to you


I love it so much! I hope that another version will come out. I love how scary it is. If you get scared of jump scares, DO NOT PLAY!!!!

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