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Kick the Buddy In-Game Items

Kick the Buddy is an arcade game developed by Chill Fleet, the co-creator of Happy Racing. The major game goal is to use a large range of weapons and other objects —in-game resources to bash up and defeat a doll character that is both extremely optimistic and temporarily mortal. Although this game is relatively easy to play with loads of stressless gaming contents, Kick the Buddy is at the same time featured with numerous unlockable items and achievements to challenge players all the way and push the game progress forward. What’s more, there is also a virtual-point system from those bucks earned by clobbering Buddy. In this sense, this game is largely reliant on the disposable items and resources players possess. Therefore, this guide provides a number of tips for players to gain more stuff that they can use to cope with the challenges.


To begin with, there are two types of currencies in Kick the Buddy— Bucks and Gold. The former is not a free or rewarding currency because it can only be obtained through direct purchasing by real cash, or occasionally, it might be earned as a one-time log-in bonus. Bucks can be gained through in-game purchase and log-in gift as well, but it can also be collected simply by playing the game where players get reward when they beat Buddy.


With both types of currencies, players can purchase the in-game items and resources they need with either gold or bucks which are not interchangeable for different items. Meanwhile, players should not ignore the easiest and cheapest way to earn free currency and free resources. Simply log into the game on a daily basis and the freebies will come to the arsenal. Some times there are even large sum of log-in bonus players can take advantage of each day.


Indeed, like many other games, players can definitely spend real money to purchase in-game currencies with which they can further purchase useful stuff. However, it is not recommended to do so because the war with Buddy is everlasting. thus it is better for players to find a more sustainable way of earning resources instead of reaching into the deep pocket constantly. 


Tips about unlock all weapons in Kick the Buddy

Kick the Buddy, a very stress-relieving game for all ages. Whether you are looking for pleasure or want to release stress, you can relax through violent venting in the game. Here, players need to earn as much money as possible to unlock new weapons that get more ways to kick the buddy. Therefore, this short guide will provide you some tips to help you unlock all weapons in Kick the Buddy.


Firstly, find the weapons that work for you, which means the ones that give you the most money. At the beginning of the game, you will get a machine gun and a grenade, so you can get more money when using these two weapons. So as you progress through the game and start unlocking more weapons, it’s enough to focus on that.


Then, experiment with different weapons instead of relying on one type of weapon. If you stick to one weapon, you will make less and less money, and the most direct reason why you are advised to try different weapons is that you can get different amounts of money with different weapons, which is of course beneficial for you.


Finally, you can use Instagram to earn weapons. You just press the Instagram button and it will give you the option to confirm and post. After pressing the button, you can exit this operation and you can still get the weapon. This way suitable for every player who wants a weapon.


On the whole, unlocking weapons in Kick the Buddy is not difficult, and with any of the above mentioned tips, your chances of getting a new weapon go up a lot. So I sincerely hope this short guide will play its role in helping you unlock all weapons in Kick the Buddy.


3 minutes to take you through the most practical tips and basic gameplay in Kick the Buddy

Want to vent your stress and anger in a game where anything is possible? Kick the Buddy, with its focus on stress relief and creativity, allows you to unleash any number of violent acts on the game’s invulnerable puppeteers. However, even such a stress-free game still requires a little effort to understand some of the tricks and secrets that can make the game experience richer. This tutorial will also make it easy for players to learn the notable basics of Kick the Buddy in just a few minutes.

First and foremost, the first thing new players need to understand is that your sole purpose in this game is to endlessly injure poor little puppet Buddy. So never let up on Buddy or stop crazy and innovative combinations of various weapons, as rewards and high scores will depend on how creative you are with different fancy weapons to beat Buddy wildly, and how much damage Buddy takes from you. The more imaginative combinations of weapons you can use, the harder Buddy gets beaten, the more exotic weapons you can unlock and the more rewards you can get.

In addition, in order to get a lot of coins from the start, you can test the damage and power of various weapons to see which ones will bring you the most money, such as grenades and nukes.

Finally, and most importantly, if you want to unlock more attractive weapons but don’t want to spend real money in-game, you can watch massive ads to get the weapons you want.

All in all, with the help of this guideline, I sincerely hope that the vast majority of new players can have a deeper understanding of this game and play it more smoothly and easily.


Kick the Buddy: Let Your Stress Out!

Kick the Buddy is a relaxing game in which players can release their anxiety, stress, and all kinds of negative emotions by beating the doll up and even smashing the doll. Players can imply a variety of actions to beat the doll, and there is a multitude of actions you can make with different weapons. Here, we would like to provide you with some suggestions for your reference. First of all, you should make full use of the items in the stuff section. You have all items at your disposal. You can choose whether to play it in a light-hearted way or in a rather harsh way. The second suggestion we would like to offer is to decorate the doll with all kinds of accessories. Sometimes you may feel dull looking at the doll with the same look all the time. So you can just make use of the massive range of items to make the doll look different on a daily basis. Also, you can even buy additional gold by doing the in-game purchase. Yet, we think that it might be better for you to save the money for later use in the game. What’s more, if you want to check how much you have achieved by far, you can click the extra button. By clicking that button, you can see how many badges you have attained and how many are yet to attain. By reaching those achievements, you can be rewarded with bonuses and unlock new features. Last but not the least, apart from decorating the doll if you feel tired of the same look, you can also decorate the background scene by clicking the decor button. By doing this, you can spice the scene up and choose from a variety of scenes.

Kick the Buddy
Kick the Buddy is an action game.
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