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How to develop quickly in Township

1. About several means of transportation

Transportation mainly includes trains, planes and helicopters. Personally, I think the helicopter is mainly for earning experience, if you desperately want to upgrade, you can choose to send more helicopters. Aircraft are mainly used to get gems, building materials and other items, but the requirements are also higher. And I think the most important thing is the train, the train can be exchanged for building materials and gunpowder, etc.. Building materials are the most important part of development, and they are rare because they cannot be purchased through gold in most cases. As long as the building materials are used to build buildings, the population can be expanded and more factories can be built. So my advice is to send more trains in the early stage.

2. About selective construction of factories.

The above mentioned the importance of trains, there is an institute in the factory and building, through the institute can shorten the sending time of trains, but also to speed up the manufacturing. The construction of factories requires both sufficient population and a large amount of gold, so there is a need to be selective in the construction of many factories. Personally, I think the more important factories to focus on are the sugar factory, dairy, bakery and rubber factory. These factories produce the basic materials and therefore need to be produced constantly, and therefore need to be developed as a priority.

3. About the rational use of cash.

Personally, I think it is reasonable to use it for merchants, buying building materials and expanding the factory grid. Building materials are a very important part of the development chain, while the expansion grid can make full use of time when offline, largely increasing the production speed.


Introduction of the six major buildings in Township

Houses: Houses are the basic items in the game, there are houses to have enough users to live, but it is not enough, there must be enough community buildings to attract users, so the population in the game is determined by two aspects, one is the scale of the number of houses, and the other is the scale of community buildings.


Community buildings: Community buildings have only one role, which is to attract users to come over, but there must be houses to assist users into permanent residents.


Factories: On the point of factories, if you are not cheating, then factories can keep the town running properly by reasonably match, whether it is making goods, or making feed, factories can help you earn money as well as help you with production.


Farming: It is actually agricultural products, planting fields, raising chickens, raising cows and sheep. In addition, it is recommended that the corresponding farming buildings, and the corresponding factory buildings close to each other, which is easy to operate, such as raising cows and milk processing plants placed together in the building.


Decorations: On this point of decorations, if the decorations are placed next to the building, there is no role, it will only add a little experience value, of course, it can also dress the town.


Exclusive items: This is actually a unique commodity for the insider players, because all the buildings inside are required to use money to buy, which collects many world-famous buildings, such as the pyramids, the Statue of Liberty, etc. Then you can get a lot of experience value, and if you want to upgrade quickly, you may build a few more exclusive items building.


Efficient Leveling-up Tips for Township

Township is an online mobile casual game, featuring a hybrid of town-building and farming activities. Gaming progress is made through leveling-ups which in turn will unlock many new items, city facilities and buildings as well as new crops and animals on the farm. Constantly leveling up also means your town is expanding with more buildings and population. Although this mechanism is fairly easy to understand, there are still some tips players can keep in mind to level up efficiently.


In order to level up, players need to accumulate enough XP, which varies from level to level. Players can check how many XP they still need to move on to the next level. XP can be obtained through different sources, including sowing and harvesting crops, completing customer orders for goods, particularly in large bulks. 


Besides, adding more new buildings also increases the XP. Although building up the town is how the game proceeds, farming activities also play a critical “backstage” role in the gameplay. At the beginning of the game, players start with an empty field with a few basic crops and some scattered buildings. From there, farming serves as a starting point for things to get abundant. Once players have harvested from their first crops, they can sell the produce or use the agricultural products as raw materials for further process in their factories. Therefore, it is important to keep a stable farming output that continually generates cash income for town building and expansion.


Meanwhile, in the town, players will build various facilities and buildings to keep the city well-functioning and attractive to new residents. Players can take orders from nearby or afar and deliver those goods to their customers by train. At the same time, in order to accommodate more dwellers, more housing projects must be built. Conducting those tasks can bring XP earnings as well as coins. Apart from those activities, there are many more things to do in the game, especially those recreational events. However, gaining XP and earning coins should be the main priority for game progress. 


Seize the Town Leadership!

Township is a strategy game in which players are supposed to build a city as well as manage farming features. Your task is to make this city as popular as possible. To master the game, players need to pick up a series of strategies. We would like to provide you with several tips for your reference in the following section. To begin with, as a farmer, you should make sure that your farm could yield a certain amount of products consistently. As the owner of the town, you are responsible for planting crops and keep animals. So your first task is to make sure that the production of raw materials for your products could be maintained. Then, the most common way for you to collect coins in the game is to complete tasks assigned by your town’s residents. Being the leader of the town, you should be responsible for your residents and listen to their feedback. What’s more, in order to make the city even more thriving, you should keep building new facilities in your town so that the life of your people could be enriched by all kinds of activities. In this way, you can attract more people to come to stay in your town. Last but not the least, throughout the game, you should keep in mind that it is imperative to upgrade the barn as much as possible because almost all goods are stored in the barn. As the expansion of your production, you need a bard with more capacity. So don’t forget to enlarge the space of the barn before you decide to produce more goods or else you will find no place to store them. We hope that our tips could be useful during your gameplay process.

Township is an online mobile casual game developed by Playrix.
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