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Be the Scariest Ghost!

Toca Boo is a strategy and role-playing game which you will play as a child who wants to scare his family members by disguising himself as a ghost floating around the house. To achieve the ideal effects of scaring people, you should employ certain strategies. Here, we provide you with several tips for your reference. To begin with, you should try to hide in the darkness as much as possible because the light will sell you out. If you come out very often, you will soon be spotted by your family members, which will result in your failure in the game. Next, you should try to hide as many different places as possible in order to make yourself mysterious to your family members. So try different places to hide and try to figure out which place is the most effective one. What’s more, while hiding in the darkness, you are supposed to do some pranks to scare your family members rather than staying there without doing anything. You can try to rattle the stuff on the table, move objects from their original place, suddenly turn off the light, or eat up food in the kitchen. Only if you can try, there are no limits for you to always be able to find a way to scare them. To conclude, to win the game, you need to be careful in order to not be found by others. Meanwhile, you also need to do some actions in order to provoke the reaction of other characters. Therefore, it requires a variety of strategies to master the game. We hope that our suggestions could do a bit good to your gameplay experience. We can’t wait to hear from you the good news of your satisfying performance in the game.


Toca Boo Tips on Scaring Family Members

Toca Boo is a fun and engaging game for children and family. It is featured with funny animated characters and humorous spookiness. The main focus and goal of the game is to guide the character as a ghost through the house with two floors and six rooms, launching unexpected spooky movements to scare the family members in the household. The control and motion are very simple, yet there are a few tips young players or their parents can take a note of in the spooky Toca Boo world.


The first and most obvious approach is to hide. As the game takes place in a particular room of a house, knowing how to hide is at the central part of the gameplay. The most important thing to avoid is the exposure to other characters. There are many places kids can hide in different rooms of the house. Parents can use this as an opportunity to help their kids learn the layout, home items and furniture of households.


Another important tip is to stay away from any source of light. Players can leave the light off or on while they’re hiding somewhere else. However, they should avoid hiding themselves near any lights when the lights are turned off.


Furthermore, apart from hiding quietly at a secret corner, players can also be more interactive with the objects around them. They can create distractions by making intentional noises to mislead family members; or they can make uneasy and restless noises such as rattling, to get other characters panic and become nervous. In doing so, kids can not only learn how to make use of home items, they can also train their mind and emotions in playing around the mental effects in Toca Boo.


One final note for parents and adults who supervise the kids in playing Toca Boo, it is important to let children explore the space and make their own decisions in hiding and objects interactions. 


Tips You Should Know Before Playing Toca Boo

Toca Boo is a game with a little excitement and endless fun. In this game, your main goal is to hide yourself in time and spook your family. Although this game was originally designed to enable children to have an easy and mindless game to enjoy themselves. It soon turned out to be a kind of game that suits all age groups to pass time. Some tips of this game can help us get more interesting game experiences. In the game, we can find all kinds of hiding places, and then scare others. Don't let go of any small details in the game, for example, you can even hide in the toilet. This game is also a test of our courage, as well as our intelligence and reaction ability. Apart from hiding places, we need some props that can be used in time. In order to find props, we have to actively interact with all kinds of items in the house, and to find more props, we should not just stay in one house, so what we can find is limited, because we have six big rooms with two floors and six family members. Then you should be very familiar with all kinds of furnitures in this house. If you don't get caught by others, you have to hide behind curtains or other places to avoid the light and make some noise to distract others. If we want to make this game more exciting, we can knock over some things, such as the kettle and other things on the table, so that others can be more afraid. All in all, this game is to let us actively interact with everything around us, and then find solutions in time when facing difficulties, and use our own reaction ability to help us not be found by others.

Toca Boo
Toca Boo is a role play game in which players will play the role of Bonnie.
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