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A beginner’s guide for The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow, a very fun first-person casual simulation game. In the game, the player will transform into a Babysitter, take care of the baby in yellow in the game, give it milk, breastfeed, dress, play with it, and take care of it. Although it seems very simple, the baby in yellow will have special abilities, and it will trick you when you get the chance, so it’s not that easy to play. Therefore, if you are new to the game and don’t know how to get started, this short guide will give you some inspiration and you can follow the tips to get better at the game.


First of all, the gameplay is not difficult, and you just complete the tasks of the babysitter that need to follow the required of the game. And when you successfully enter the baby’s home, it proves that the challenge task has begun. When you are close to some items such as the baby, door, refrigerator, etc., you will see a prompt icon appear, then click it to proceed to the next step. At this point, pay attention to the upper left corner of the screen, and you will know the current task requirements.


Next, for the tasks in the game, you don’t have to panic. It’s all about fetching milk, changing diapers, and putting the baby to bed. If your task is to get milk, focus on the room at the bottom of the stairs, opening the fridge and you’ll find the milk you need. Of course, if your task is to change a diaper, you can go to the bathroom next to the sofa to watch TV, put your baby on the table, and pick up the diaper right by the door. Besides, the last room upstairs is where the baby sleeps, and you can open the room on the third day, contains something called Talisma to fight the demons inside the baby.


Finally, although it looks terrifying, as long as you make full use of the clues, you can complete the tasks faced in the game very well. So I sincerely hope this short guide will be helpful for beginners.


Detailed Instructions to Play The Baby in Yellow

The Baby in Yellow is a horror game in which players will play the role of a babysitter and take care of a creepy baby for 3 nights in a row. The game is fun yet challenging. Therefore, here we would like to provide you with the following suggestions for your reference. First of all, during the first night, you should try your best to find the souls hidden in the rooms. The first thing you should do is to check the cabinets on the top. Then you will find one of the cat souls in them. To comfort the baby, open the refrigerator and get some milk for the baby so that you could distract him. Then, go to the TV stand and you will find another soul on it. In this way, you should balance the tasking of taking care of the baby while finding all the souls as early as possible. During the second night, you might find that the bottle of milk is missing. Then, you should look for it in the cabinets instead of the refrigerator. Finally, during the third and the last night, you should keep the baby entertained and let him gradually calm down. After that, you can leave the baby in the room and make a toast in the kitchen. Feed the baby with the toast and company him to fall asleep. After the ending of three nights, many players might think that’s the end of the story. However, it is not true. After you pass three nights, you should retry the first night and go out of the house. Then you will find a bunny on the elevator button by clicking it you will unlock completely new chapters. That is the end of our suggestions. We hope that they will help you a bit.


The Baby In Yellow Tips

Have you ever seen a death stare from a baby? Today I recommend the action-adventure game "The Baby In Yellow", which is based on the background of raising a scary baby by Team Terrible. Players in the game as an alternative nanny, watching over a horrible baby dressed in yellow, as time passes, the baby will gradually present a frightening side. The Baby In Yellow adopts a first-person perspective adventure genre, players travel through the rooms of the villa, either feeding the baby or watching TV, the original seemingly ordinary baby will appear different feedback because of the player's actions. For example, when the baby is put down and turned around, you will find that he suddenly appears in front of you. There are even times when the baby will suddenly appear in some peculiar position, the horror of the atmosphere is very enjoyable.


When you successfully enter the child's home, it proves that the challenge task has begun, and he actually has his eyes on you. Be sure to walk gently, do not make a large noise, otherwise it will directly touch the horror child. Players must be careful not to be caught by the monsters, you do not to make too much noise to disturb them while looking for clues in the process.


All in all, this is a horror and thriller escape puzzle game, players need to follow the guidelines of the task to complete a variety of challenges, the use of your brain to solve puzzles, flexible to use some of the items and props in the scene to help you solve a variety of problems, how will you deal with the horror of the baby it? He will exercise a variety of superpowers to bewitch you, you need to be ready to do psychological preparation.

The Baby in Yellow
The Baby In Yellow is a creative horror game featuring interesting story background.
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i like this game it shud be more scary


its a AMAZING game


It’s supposed to be scary that’s the point of the game! 5/5 stars



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