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A Hint A Day, Keep Baldi Away!

Baldi’s Basics is a horror game featuring educational elements. The game is set at the school and the creepy man call Baldi trapped you in the corridor. Unless you get all the answers right, or else you will be punished by him. Today, we would like to give you some hints regarding how to win the game. To begin with, at the starting point of the game, you should, first of all, grab different notebooks and answer all the questions. Every time when you get out of a classroom and find Baldi is near you, you should turn your back on him and keep walking in the opposite direction until you go across the yellow door. If Baldi is right in front of you, you should shoot him away with the tool offered in the game. Then, quickly enter the cafeteria. You can get more resources and tools in the cafeteria. When you are opening the 7th notebook, act it slowly in case of Baldi attack you all of a sudden. Right after you get the 7th notebook, you should reach the exit and get teleported. Next, you should enter the faculty office and get the lock. Furthermore, when you get the chocolate bar from the cafeteria, you should try to save it for later use in case of a sudden attack. Last but not the least, in terms of the control of the game, when you want to escape from the chasing of Baldi, you should hold the shift key and release it right after that so that you can’t be caught by Baldi. The reason why it works is that the creepy man can only catch you when you are running. This is the end of our tips. We wish you good luck and enjoy the game!

Baldi's Basics Classic
Baldi's Basics Classic is a horror game and an edutainment game.
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very good for homework and education!


I love this this is like so good for homework and education for kids all around the world it teaches you mathematics and stuff kids can play this game all around the world like this is so fun


My children have been playing this game for weeks and it has been very helpful for education


I like this game


I have more education this game probably easy

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