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The Useful Tips That Can Help You Become a Successful Impostor in Among Us!

Among Us! is a quite fun game, in which we must have strategic thinking, and it is also a game that allows us to use our intelligence. In it, we can choose two identities, one is the impostor and the other is the crewmate. Different identities require various skills and tricks. Personally, I think impostor needs more skills while playing. Now I want to offer you some tips to be a successful impostor. In a word, if you want to be a successful impostor in this game, you have to eliminate all doubts and suspicion from others, and you should be very careful and vigilant in the game. In the game, you will find many monitoring cameras almost everywhere. These cameras may track your trail. If you are not careful enough to ignore those cameras sometimes when you kill others and do something suspicious, you may be exposed. In fact, cameras are quite easy to spot. You just need to look around while walking in the room. If you find something flashing red, it's someone watching and monitoring you, so you must avoid these cameras wisely. When voting, you should follow the group's choice as much as possible. In this way, you won't arouse others' speculation. If you vote differently, you will easily arouse others' suspicion, so don't vote differently. In addition, to move quickly in the game, you can also make good use of the vents which can transport you from one place to the other. So once you are in a crime scene, it is the best to use those vents to help you quickly get out of that place. Meanwhile, there are many enemies in this game. The biggest enemy is those crew mates who have been trusted by others. You should eliminate them as soon as possible. Because they might offer some suggestions or something to find out the



Find the Impostor Among US

Among Us is a role play as well as a multiplay puzzle game in which players need to figure out who the murderer is. Though there is only one goal for all players, the process of finding out the murderer involves a lot of endeavors. In the following part, we would like to talk about several tips that might be helpful to you. For example, in order to win the game, the first step you need to fulfill is to complete the task. By doing those tasks, you can supervise the spaceship in a better way as well as play the game in a more efficient fashion. Also, though the previous tip advises you to complete tasks as often as possible, it doesn’t mean that you should not have a rest between different tasks. Make sure that you reasonably arrange your tasks and time so as to accomplish the ultimate task--figuring out who the impostor really is. Moreover, always try to stay with a bunch of other players in case the murderer wants to kill you in private. What’s more, keep an eye on those who don’t show up now and then. They might be busy planning how to kill every one of you. Furthermore, remember to keep asking questions in order to find out suspicious players who might be the impostor. Finally, in order to complete tasks quicker and escape successfully from attacks from the impostor, you should master all the basic information on the map so that you would know the most convenient route for you to take when unexpected things happen. Hopefully, the before-mentioned several tips could be a useful reference for you. If you are an impostor, then just take it easy and blend into everyone else.


Who Are the Impostor?

Among Us is a role-play and detective game in which players will play either the role of the impostor or other regular characters with the possibility of being killed by the impostor. The game is extremely fun, yet it also requires a lot of strategies and patience in order to win. Therefore, here we would like to introduce several tips concerning how to be a good impostor and a good regular character. First of all, if you are just playing the role of a regular player, remember to stick to the group instead of staying alone. Only if you are staying with others, the impostor will not be able to kill you because in this way others will know his/her real identity. However, if you accidentally leave yourself alone, you might risk being killed by the impostor hidden somewhere. Secondly, as a regular player, you should always pay attention to the tasks of the crew. The taskbar will give information about who are real impostors. Thirdly, if you are deemed as the impostor by others but you are actually not, you can utilize the visual tasks to show others that you are innocent. On the other hand, if you are the impostor, you should always follow the choice of the group during the voting or else you will draw attention. Moreover, as an impostor, you don’t want to make too many enemies within the group. You should try your best to earn the trust of your crewmates. Finally, you should be cautious with the red light on the camera. It might be someone watching you. Also, you can watch the camera like others so they won’t doubt you. In a word, to win as either an impostor or a regular player is difficult. Good Luck!


Among Us! Strategy for Crew Members

Among Us! offers two types of role playing: crew members and impostors. These two roles are competing against each other, and crew members can win the game by either completing all the tasks or by voting out the impostors. Either way, there are a number of things crew member players can do to enhance their chance of winning.


The first thing crew members can easily avoid doing at the early stage of the game is to not conduct tasks away from other people. This is because during this period before the first emergency meeting, the killing time freezing for  imposters is very short. Going away from the group may make yourself an easy target for the killer.


Another strategy is to perform your tasks visibly in front of others. This is a display of your innocence and trustworthiness so that other crew members can see and verify your identity. Meanwhile, it is better to start conducting more complicated tasks that take longer time and harder procedures. It is also important to familiarize oneself with the sequence and locations of different tasks when there are multiple stages involved. In doing so, crew members can check if the task someone just completed matches the corresponding location.


What’s more, there is an often ignored detail that helps to identify a real crew member from an imposter. On the interface of a real crew member, there is a task progress bar. Whenever a real task has been fulfilled by any of the crew members, the bar would proceed on all members’ screen. Therefore, crew members can pay attention to their progress bar whenever they notice someone is doing a task. If no change takes place on the bar, then the person is performing a fake task and therefore is an imposter.


The last tip is to report a witnessed murder at the right timing. Usually people would report and summon emergent meeting right after a murder or body is spotted. However, sometimes the imposter would sabotage the on-going tasks and cause some emergent troubles that postpone the meeting. Therefore, it would be wise to check the task progress before calling for an emergency meeting. 

Among Us!
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